Medical Spa Etiquette

Your first appointment at Radiance:

  1. A complimentary consultation is required before your first service
  2. Please arrive without makeup on (for your convenience, we will be happy to remove it for you). Eye makeup is fine and will not be removed.
  3. Please arrive 10 minutes early to complete paperwork.
  4. Feel free to openly discuss your likes, dislikes, concerns, and/or areas of focus with your treatment provider!

General Etiquette:

  1. As a courtesy to our other patients, please avoid the use of cell phones. It is our goal to create a quiet and relaxing atmosphere for everyone.
  2. There are many variables in a medical spa atmosphere which could pose a safety concern for children (chemicals, razor blades, needles, medical equipment, etc.). For your child’s safety and as a courtesy to our other patients, children are not permitted in the treatment rooms. In extenuating circumstances, your child may wait for you in the Relaxation Room if you bring another adult to supervise them.
  3. In consideration of our other patients, it may not be possible to extend your service time in the case of delayed arrival. Delayed arrival will limit the time for your experience, potentially reducing the effectiveness of your treatment and the expectations of your visit.
  4. Please arrive promptly!
  5. Please contact us at least 24 hours in advance if you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment to avoid a cancellation fee.


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